About Logan Lerman

Logan Lerman is an American actor, known for his starring role in the series of films about the adventures of Percy Jackson and the role of Charlie from the youth drama “It’s good to be quiet“. He also starred in “Train to Huma”, “Noah”, “Rage” and “Outrage.

Logan Lerman Biography

Childhood and Youth

Lerman Wade Lerman was born in Beverly Hills, California, on January 19, 1992. The actor’s mother, Lisa, is a former housewife and now works as his agent, while his father, Larry, is an orthopedist by training. Lerman has an older brother and sister, Lindsay and Lucas.

Lerman is a purebred Jew. His grandfathers and grandmothers are natives of four different countries. His father’s grandfather, Max Lerman, was born in Berlin to a family of Polish Jews. He had to leave Nazi Germany in the 1930s and move to Shanghai, where he lived until the end of World War II. Logan’s grandmother on his father’s side was born in Mexico, to a family of Jews from the Russian Empire. Lerman’s maternal grandfather was a Polish immigrant Jew, and his grandmother was born in Los Angeles, also in a family of Jewish immigrants.

Logan Lerman Child

Most of the actor’s relatives work in the medical field. Logan’s family owns the prosthetic and orthopedic center “Lerman & Son”, which was founded by his great grandfather Jacob Lerman in 1915.

But since childhood Logan was considered a “black sheep” – he showed no interest in the family business. He was hypnotized by cinematography, Logan called himself a “kinegik”. His favorite directors were Paul Anderson, Stanley Kubrick, David Fincher and Peter Bogdanovich, and his favorite films included “Eternal Shining of the Pure Mind” with Jim Kerry and Kate Winslet, “Beauty in American” with Kevin Spacey and “Protecting Your Life” with Meryl Streep.

Logan Lerman as a child

In Beverly Hills High School, Logan was a homeboy with no interest in sports, but according to his classmates, he was a very kind and responsive friend. Although he was already a well-known actor by his senior year, he was unaffected by the so-called “star disease”. After graduating from school in 2010, he applied to New York University, deciding to study writing, but postponed his studies to an indefinite period, because at this time he finally smiled luck in the actor’s field.

Acting career

Lerman began to go to casting in early childhood – the boy’s first works were commercials. In 2000, Lerman made his debut in the movie “Patriot“, playing William Martin, one of the children of the hero Mel Gibson. In the same year, Logan appeared in a small role in another film with Gibson “What Women Want“.

In 2004, Lerman played an important role in the movie “Butterfly Effect”, introducing seven-year-old Evan Treborne, the hero of actor Ashton Kutcher as a child. After the film’s release, critics called Lerman “a child actor, which should definitely be paid attention to”.

Two years later, the movie “The Owl’s Scream” was released, in which Logan played the leading role and received the award “Leading Young Actor” for it. The following year, Lerman was again nominated for his role in the movie “Train to Huma”, but this time the actor did not receive an award.

Acting career

In 2007, Logan had the opportunity to work on the set of the film “Fatal Number 23” with Jim Kerry, the following year – with Gerard Butler and John Leguizamo on the set of the movie “Gamer”.

But the main success came to Lerman after the release of the movie “Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief” in 2010, in which the actor got the lead role, along with Alexandra Daddario and Douglas Smith. After the great success of Logan in this film, the parents of the teenager ceased to consider the acting of his son only as a “hobby before college.

In 2011, the actor got the lead role in the movie “Musketeers”. The role of d’Artagnan young Lerman was taken without an audition. The actor confessed that he really wanted to star in this movie, because the book “The Three Musketeers” was one of the only books his grandfather had taken with him when he escaped from Germany. Though Lerman did a lot of preparatory work before the beginning of the project, the film and the game of Logan received negative reviews from critics.

But the next film, “It’s good to be quiet”, a screen adaptation of the novel by Stephen Chbosca, returned the audience and reviewers. For this work, Lerman was nominated for several awards, including “Best Young Actor/Actress,” and won the Teen Choice Award in the category “Drama. This time he was able to play together with Emma Watson and Ezra Miller.

In 2013, Lerman starred in a sequel to the film about the son of the Greek god, “Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters,” but more audience attention was attracted to the film “Noah”, in which Logan played a biblical character Hamm, son of Noah (Russell Crowe).

Acting career

In 2014, the screens released the film “Fury”, in which Lerman was lucky to work with Brad Pitt and Shia LaBaf. Reviews of the film were positive, and Lerman’s game is highly appreciated.

In January 2016, viewers were able to see Logan in the new movie “Outrage” (directed by James Seamus). Logan’s character is a Jewish student who faces anti-Semitism and sexual repression while studying at Ohio College in the 1950s. Lerman first became one of the executive producers of the film.

Logan Lerman’s Personal Life

In July 2009, Lerman entered into a relationship with the actress Alexandra Daddario, with whom Logan met on the set of the first film about Percy Jackson. The couple managed to get engaged, but the wedding did not come to an end. In mid-December 2016, the young people broke up. Now Logan’s heart is free.

Logan Lerman's and Alexandra Daddario

Logan Lerman now

In January 2017, the Sundance Film Festival presented Sean Christensen’s drama “Sydney Hall” with Michelle Monahan, El Fanning, Blake Jenner and Lerman starring. His hero is a young writer who writes a book about his generation, and then disappears without a trace. During the film he appears at different ages: 18, 24 and 30 years.

The premiere of the third film about Percy Jackson (“Percy Jackson 3: The Curse of Titanium“) is still postponed indefinitely.

Logan Lerman now

In April 2018, the screens will be released animated film “Sergeant Stubby: American Hero”, for which Lerman will voice the soldier Robert Conroy, who worked during the First World War with Sergeant Stubby (the only dog in history, which was awarded the military rank for his exploits on the battlefield).

In 2017, Logan Lerman worked on several projects at once.

Since May 2017, Logan, together with John Hawkes and Sarah Bolger, has been starring in the movie “The End of the Proposal”. Also Lerman together with actress Olivia Cook will play in the spy drama “The Trackingof a Russian Spy” – the actor will present American journalist Mitch Swenson.